Hi, I’m Cassandra… 

I’ll never forget feeling like a failure as I drove into the car park for an interview to work at a 4* hotel.

Having walked out of a highly pressured job due to stress I had been hopeful of a positive and new beginning.

The voice inside my head said didn’t agree.

It loud and clearly stated, ‘Someone like you shouldn’t be working somewhere like this.’

I didn’t feel good enough to be a cleaner.

Yes, you read that correctly. The stress of my last job had become so overwhelming that I was prepared to leave my qualifications behind.

I just wanted to be a good mum.

I was so happy to be offered the job.

Life was looking up.

Several years later I’d been made redundant and I had also ended my marriage. I reluctantly sold my house to start life again as a single parent with two children to two different dads.

Once again I felt that I wasn’t good enough.

Despite my head and my finances being in a complete mess I never gave up hope of wanting to make a difference.

Everything changed a few years later when I was encouraged to set up a business and to start writing down my journey.

I initially laughed.

Who was going to take me seriously and how would writing about my messed up life change anything?

Despite my reservations I set up my business with a £400 temporary overdraft and I started to write…

And it changed everything.

Seven years on and my life has changed beyond anything I could have imagined. I have published seven books which have received over 300, 5* reviews.

I have written 5 books as a ghostwriter and mentored over 60 authors who also wanted to leave a legacy and make a difference in the world.

I’ve spoken at events as well as multiple times on the radio. I’ve been featured in a national magazine as well as in the newspaper on many occasions.

I am, The Girl Who Refused to Quit.