You know that you have a book inside you.

You may have started to write down your ideas, you may have a plan, but something has stopped you from taking this any further.

Your life experiences may have stopped you from having the ability to trust in yourself and your decisions, but you know deep down that you need to share your message.



Are you ready to step up, fulfil your purpose and make a difference to someone else’s life?



What will you gain?


    • You will find out how to write in such a powerful way that your readers feel that your book was written especially for them.


    • You will discover how to have the courage and confidence to ‘find your voice’ which will set your book apart from other authors. 


    • You will release any trapped emotions you are holding onto so that your book remains upbeat and uplifting.


    • You will find out my proven technique of how to powerfully connect to your end goal which will help you to stay focused and on track, even when the going gets tough.


  • You will discover how to easily fit your writing into your day (even if you have a job, business or family to commitments!)

 What will you receive?


  • You will receive my personal guidance and support whilst I support you from having an idea in your head to holding the first draft of your manuscript in your hand.


  • You will receive an initial 2-hour intensive call (or face to face meeting within a 10-mile radius of Kettering) where we will connect you on a deep emotional level to your ideal reader and your purpose for writing your book. Will will also begin to plan the outline for your book, which will be broken down so that you know exactly what to write so that your message and your purpose is not diluted.


  • You will then receive a 1-hour mentoring call every week for 12 weeks. At the end of working together, you will have written the first draft of your manuscript.


  • I will not only support your writing, provide you with weekly feedback and keep you accountable, but I will also help you to recognise and release any emotional blocks that come up on your journey.


  • All of our calls will be recorded and e-mailed to you after so that you can be fully present and in the moment instead of making numerous notes.


  • You will have additional support via Facebook messenger between our calls  (9am-5pm Monday – Friday)


  •  I have chosen to add a huge amount of support to my 1:1 programme as my soul purpose is to help you to fulfill your soul purpose. I will be with you every step of the way.





    • You will receive a powerful author meditation.  This will help you remain calm and focused as well as encouraging any energy blocks to be released as you write.


    • You will receive access to my online programme worth £497.00 


    • You will receive a signed copy of all of my books “The Girl Who Refused to Quit” “Rule Your World” “Share Your World” and “I’ve Lost My Mum”


  • Your results will depend on the effort that you put in. I will support you 100% but ultimately you will be taking responsibility to become an author.


    Are you ready to make peace with your past?

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Working with Cassandra to begin writing my first book has been completely transformational.

She has a wonderful way of making sure believing in yourself is top of the list and without this I am sure I would have struggled much more with self-doubt. Before we began working together I had some quite fluffy ideas about writing a book, but they remained as ideas in my head.

I am happy to say that not only have I now finished writing my first book, I have gained enough momentum to actually bring it to life in a publication!

Jacqueline E Rogerson

Author of "Onward & Upward" Available on Amazon