In a world where so many people are happy to blend in I have decided to share a few random facts with you…

*I received my first ever wage when I appeared on the Dick Emery T.V show ( ask your parents!) as a baby – earning a whopping £1 per minute!!

*My auntie is a carmelite nun. She was featured in the Daily Mail 2 years ago when she celebrated her 50th anniversary in the convent.

*I am the very proud owner of a Blue Peter badge (it’s a green special edition one) as I sent in a poem about the environment and they read it out on the show.

*I dance in my kitchen every day for no other reason than it makes me happy.

*I have recently discovered that I enjoy gardening and watching the birds in my garden ( is that normal in your thirties?!)

* I was recently described as a ‘superhuman pretending to be normal!’

Even though the transformations I support people with are life changing I still see myself as very grounded and down to earth.

I can combine powerful emotional intelligence my real life experience so that I can deeply understand my clients.

I am often told that people feel like they have known me for years when they speak to me.

I am a real life woman who wanted more.

I am a real life woman who refuses to be defined my her circumstances.

I am a real life women who refuses to allow the ghosts from her past to steal the happiness from her future.

If I could give you one piece of advice today it would be ‘Be the real you’

Embrace the quirky little things that make you unique and be proud to be different.

Cassie x